Healthy Working

At Select Office Furniture, we believe that  “active working” is the way forward. Here are the facts:

Workplace-caused back problems lead to 4.9m days off a year, costing the British economy £5billion per year.

According to, British people sit, on average, for 8.9 hours each day. Major global studies have provided evidence that, for those who sit for more than 4 hours each day, this enforced sedentary lifestyle leads to (among other things) increased insulin and blood pressure levels, back and neck problems, leg muscles that switch off and increased risks of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, cancer, dementia, depression and muscle degeneration.

Does any of this sound like it would be conducive to a healthy, happy and productive workplace?


As experts with seating who also manufacture chairs, we can advise on setup, posture and can also loan trial chairs for evaluation.

There are a number of options to ameliorate the negative effects that are part and parcel of conventional office life. We would, however, caution you if you are thinking of purchasing “height adjustable desks” online, as many of them only have a small amount of adjustment making them unsuitable for use when standing.


Sit/Stand Desking - Our Favourite! Highly Recommended

In Scandinavia, where adjustable desks are widely used, 90% of office workers enjoy the benefits of being able to easily switch between sitting and standing. Most “height adjustable” desks in the UK only rise by 20cm and are not suitable for "active working".

A Sit-Stand desk can be easily adjusted to sitting or standing height and comes in both electric and manual versions.


The Right Chairs

In addition to the desking solutions, you should consider the chairs that work with them. It may not be necessary to change your chair for a Sit-Stand workstation, but there are chairs that are configured especially for these new types of desking and enhance the benefits of Active Working.

Saddle Stool - Saddle Chair

These are adjustable and can be used with the Sit-Stand desk to reduce fatigue by decreasing muscular effort and improve spine-alignment.


Select Office Furniture experts can work with you to create the healthiest working solution for your office.

Because Healthy Working contributes to a Healthy Bottom Line


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